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    May 2009


    May is the month in which we celebrate our Mothers. It is our common bond.I am lucky to have a real gem and even though we don’t live in the same part  of the country and communicate now mostly via mail, she is a constant source  of inspiration to me. Mom never was much for words really but she told me things more by the example of living her everyday life.   She didn’t really get the opportunity to travel until later in life but when she did she absorbed the destinations with the vitality of youthful vigor of someone half her age.  We had the chance to make some memories by traveling together. We took a fabulous Celebrity cruise which we both really enjoyed and I made her a photo album of all the pictures of us together enjoying the ports and dressed up for dinner.
    Another time my sister joined us for a trip to Branson and we got front row seats for Mom’s heart throbs Andy Williams and Bobby Vinton. We all sang along and they were so gracious and put on a wonderful show. The three of us even travelled to Disney World together which my Mom thought ridiculous for a woman of her age but I told her everyone must see it at least once in their lifetime and she never had, so off we went and had a ball.If you never took Mom for a one on one trip, maybe now is the time.  Husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, children & grandchildren all will get their turn eventually but enjoy Mom while you can.
    While on this subject of Moms I would like to salute a hard working Mom who wanted to stay at home with her children and created her own product to market. Her name is Kendra and you can view her product by clicking on the link on the Travel Accessories tab on our website and then click on her company name which is Porta Pocket. This is a great little invention that I cannot be without and I have one in every size. Her product has recently been featured on the Today Show and many other media so check it out and support a great Mom too.  Happy May!
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