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    2/6/2009 5:01:56 PM Link |  | Add comment

    We just viewed the professional video of our son's wedding and all the memories and emotions of the day came flooding back. Some things were even captured that we missed and now we all will forever have a time capsule of a day that was so carefully planned and eagerly anticipated. We would highly recommend the use of a video professional to our couples planning their wedding and anniversary celebrations. We specifically recommend Lane Video Productions.
    We plan on celebrating our 30th anniversary this year with an Alaskan Cruise. Rates are exceptionally good this year for cruises in Alaska with Princess Cruise Line.   There is even a great new nonpublished cruisetour out of Seattle selling fast.  Ask us!
    Our son and his bride chose a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean Cruise out of Barcelona for their honeymoon. This was the perfect combination of her love for history and their shared love for adventure while trying new cuisine. It also satisfied his budget concerns since they could plan as far as 18 months in advance and prepay in US dollars instead of Euro for lodging, food and even shore excursions. They had a fabulous honeymoon and they would recommend 2nd seating at a large table because that way you meet other young honeymooners. They were at a table for 12 who were from all different places and all on their honeymoon. We can make those requests at time of booking. They also recommend having a large memory card for your digital camera as they took over 900 photos!
    Tell us how you preserve your vacation memories…

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